Our last two pregnant does are taking their time. I’ve been expecting to find new kids in the pasture every day for the last few weeks, but instead the wait continues.

Meanwhile the lot born back in November continue to grow.


The adult is Donna, one of the mamas were waiting on. These aren’t her kids. She’s just photobombing.


I had to pull this little rascal, back on November 9. Look at him now, growing his horns.


Here he was on his birthday, a few minutes after being born.

One days soon the wait is going to be over. New Year babies perhaps?


18 comments on “Waiting

  1. Donna, “She’s just photobombing,” thanks for the first laugh of the day …

    It must be very satisfying to know you helped with a birth and then to see them growing so healthy … that’s beautiful.


    • Bill says:

      That one’s mother was having trouble and just needed a little help. Normally I go get Cherie as she’s the better goat midwife, but sometimes (as in this case) I can handle it. He just needed a little help getting started in life, but as you can see he hit the ground healthy and hollering. 🙂

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  2. shoreacres says:

    I’m surprised to see that little one growing horns already. On the other hand, I still know almost nothing about goats except that they’re exemplars of cute, so nothing should really surprise me. I’ll bet those mamas who still are waiting will be glad when things move along.


  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    New Year’s babies would be great; but here’s hoping they’re healthy and strong, whenever they come along…


    • Bill says:

      Yes, I hope so too. One of the two we’re waiting on has delivered and raised healthy triplets the last two times she kidded. She’s a good mama, but with Boers there’s always risk.


  4. bobraxton says:

    fullness of time

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  5. I would definitely have to name that one, Rascal! He seems suited for it. Great, fun photos!


  6. Baby goats galore. Always good for a post. 🙂 –Curt


  7. Dearest Bill,
    Nature is full of surprises and not all goes as planned!
    But who knows, the year is not quite over…
    Love their curious faces and I was just thinking to myself, how could you ever slaughter such ‘pets’…


    • Bill says:

      They’re definitely cute, but they’re not pets. We’ll keep the young females to increase our herd size or sell them directly to other farms who want more females. We can’t keep the males, because a farm just can’t accommodate so many billy goats (and they would make life hard on each other and on the girls). Fortunately some of this years boys will be moving on to the good life on some other farm. 🙂

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  8. Joanna says:

    I visited my friend yesterday who also had goats and she was expecting some of her’s to produce over Christmas and she is still waiting.


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