Continuing to think about next years gardens (because that’s what you do in the winter)….

We always dedicate one garden to tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. And we always end up with too many peppers.

I’ve already decided that we won’t plant any hot peppers next year. We’ve grown a lot of them over the years–jalapenos, cayennes, haberneros, hot bananas, etc. Hot pepper plants may be the most prolific thing in the garden. Last year I scaled way back on them, only planting 8 jalapenos and 8 cayennes, and still ended up with more than we could handle. We’ve got enough hot sauce and pepper flakes to last a lifetime. So no hot peppers in 2016.

We’ll grow some sweet bell peppers, but I’m going to cut back on those too. Once they start coming in strong you can hardly give them away at the market. We eat a lot of them when they’re fresh and I dice them up and freeze them. Cherie makes an amazing bell pepper soup that she freezes (very nice on wintry days). But I reckon we can get all the peppers we need with half the plants we’ve been putting out.

To fill the space being vacated by the pepper reduction, my plan for now is to grow more Asian eggplant.

Oh, and by the way…

Merry Christmas!