I can remember, as a boy, poring over the massive Sears catalog in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Some folks still called it “the wish book.”

I haven’t seen a Sears catalog in decades. I doubt they still send them out. These days the catalogs that get me excited don’t advertise toys or electronics, but seeds.

The catalog we rely on most is from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Based in Maine, Johnny’s offers a good selection of seeds and accessories. Their focus seems to be on commercial (but not industrial) scale farmers, like us.


The most entertaining catalog is from Fedco. Not only does Fedco offer a great selection of seeds, they also stuff their catalog full of facts and philosophy. It’s not slick and polished, but a good read cover-to-cover. We source some of our seeds from Fedco and have been very pleased with them. They’re also based in Maine.


Closer to home in Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. They’re based in Virginia, feature seeds from our area’s food culture and they share our ethic. So of course we get seeds from them as well.


We also buy seeds from Baker Creek, High Mowing, Kitazawa and Harris as well as from our local farm supply store.

We’ll do a seed inventory and place our orders in a few weeks. For now, I’m just enjoying flipping through the catalogs and dreaming of prolific, weed-free, deer-free gardens.