So Far So Good


Our resident deer-who-thinks-he’s-a-goat is still alive and well, with just 3 weeks left in hunting season. Luckily for him he hasn’t left the pasture (which proves to me that he is indeed very confused about his identity) and so far no one has bothered him. It helps that he’s something of a celebrity in our community now. But I’ve never worried about a neighbor shooting into our pasture. It’s the deer-crazed knuckleheads who come out here during hunting season and cruise the back roads looking for something to shoot who pose the risk. So far so good.

In other good news, our pigs loaded easily on our rescheduled processing date. As I had hoped, less than a week after their refusal to get on the stock trailer, they were eagerly hopping into it every morning. In fact, within a few days they were waiting for me on the trailer in the morning. That was a relief. Loading them was as easy as just shutting the door, hooking up the trailer and driving away. Lesson learned for the future–don’t assume you can train them to the trailer in a day or two. Next year I’ll start a week early, just to be certain.