I’ve been enjoying a Facebook community called “Photographic History of Pittsylvania County.” Members of the community post old pictures and other reminders of our county’s past. I’ve learned things, had old memories rekindled, and been entertained. It’s one of those places┬áthat makes the internet worthwhile.

Recently I’ve started contributing a few photos to the site. One of my “winter projects” is to sort through the boxes of old photos and documents I have. The site has motivated me to make that a priority.

This morning I thought I’d share a few of the photos I’ve posted to the site, in the hope that some folks might enjoy seeing them.


A five dollar note dated May 16, 1861, from the short-lived Bank of Pittsylvania.


My grandmother and one of her sisters, looking spiffy back in the day.


Our homeplace, before and after a little work.


An early photo of the house


Cooper and Alice White. They built the house.


A younger, and thinner, Cooper White.


On the road between Chatham and Java. This one comes from the Smithsonian Depression-Era collection

I’m looking forward to sharing more as I dig them out.