The Sky

We’re fortunate to have lots of good views around here. Often they’re right overhead.


Last night’s sunset


November 26


November 19


November 17


21 comments on “The Sky

  1. shoreacres says:

    They’re all lovely, but I’m particularly fond of that yellow and pink combo. The view of the sky is one reason I’m determined to hold on to my apartment as long as I can afford it. It’s a continually changing show, and a delight. Not only that, unlike tv, it comes without advertisements.


    • Bill says:

      My office had a western view, allowing me to see the sunset over the Gulf every night. It was one of the few things I found enjoyable about the place. Beautiful views from home are much better, I think.


  2. Laurie Graves says:

    Very beautiful! At the little house in the big woods, we have to run into the road to see the sky 😉


    • Bill says:

      We’re fortunate to have clear views to the east, west and north from our house (while still having woods to enjoy). I’ve read about tribes in the rainforest who’ve never seen the full sky, just glimpses of it from a riverside. I imagine it would be stunning to see the full sky for the first time.


  3. Beautiful♥ The woods behind our house are too thick to see the sunset . We do get beautiful sunrise views if I think to go look at them the brain usually awake enough to think of them.


    • Bill says:

      We’re fortunate to have clear views to the east and west, so I get to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. We have woods immediately in front of our house (southern exposure) that keep us from having the full benefit of the winter sun, but it’s nice to have them. 🙂


  4. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, one of the reasons I bought the house that I live in was because of all the mature trees in the neighborhood. Unfortunately it blocks much of the view of the sky. My morning sky viewing has to be done in the summer time when I go to Terra Nova Gardens. I’m usually there at 5:30am as the world becomes light. The sun will pop up over the horizon at about 6:30 to 7:00am depending on the month. It’s a great time to be in the garden. Country living inspires stopping to enjoy God’s creation more than hustling through traffic to that work cubicle in the city. Homesteading has the shortest commute ever. Just a few steps out the door and you are at work. Being in retirement is even better. I’m now half way through the sixth year of retirement and enjoying every minute of it. For me it’s a busy lifestyle but it’s because I have chosen it to be that way. It’s a great life if I can keep my health and strength. When I arrived at the down hill side of life I realized those two things have a pretty high priority for a quality life style.

    Looks like we are going to have some very warm weather here in Nebraska this week. We are having 50s all week with one day even 60. Night time is middle 30s to lower 40s. Very unseasonably warm for this time of the year. It’s good for working in the garden but not good for over all plant life. Some plants think it’s spring and have started to grow again. I’m hoping when the cold weather does come it won’t kill the plants. I almost completed mulching the 10 foot strip between the road and wooden fence at Terra Nova Gardens. That will be awesome not to have to contend with keeping the weeds under control there. I have one raised corn fortress bed completed and another half completed. I would like to get three done before the weather makes it too difficult to work. Each bed has four feet wide by twenty eight feet long growing space. I plan on four rows of corn in each bed which will net nine dozen ears of corn in each bed. Thirty six dozen ears of corn will be plenty if I can just keep the raccoons away from it. I’m pretty sure I have it deer safe. The plans and theories will all be tested next year.

    Have a great enjoying the sky day.


  5. Bill says:

    We have forecast highs at nearly 70 this week, with overnight lows only in the 50s. It’s over 50 and sunny now. It’s certainly been a mild fall and we’re being rewarded with green pastures and lots of great stuff from the gardens. But I’ve just come in from weeding, something I don’t usually have to worry about this time of year!

    I admire your active retirement. That’s the best kind, in my humble opinion.

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  6. Beautiful. Those sky moments are fleeting, and I never seem to have the camera handy when they happen, we live on a small plateau in a wide bowl of hills, so we get pretty good sky views year round, and I never get tired of them. You’ve caught some lovely ones – I really like the last one, for it’s sharpness and definite structure, but they are all amazing.


    • Bill says:

      Those last two were taken early in the morning, and the others were taken at sunset. The only camera I use is the one on my phone. Often I’ll take pictures of the sky, especially at sunset, and be disappointed. They rarely do justice to the real thing.


  7. Beautiful Bill. We too have gorgeous sunsets. While we are surrounded by forest on the North, East, and South, Our view to the west was designed for sunsets… I think. 🙂 –Curt


  8. Sue says:

    Always important to look up—and so few people do that. You captured some very lovely skies.


  9. Dearest Bill,
    Guess you are blessed for having the ability to capture nature’s miracles! Yes, very often that’s right above, or in front of us! Like the many paintings from the past where people also tried to capture those moments of bliss, you did so well with your camera. Each season has lots to offer!
    Blessings for your December month of Advent and Christmas coming around soon.


  10. Joanna says:

    I’m just catching up with your posts and those skies are wonderful indeed. I noted on a later blog that you finish at 4pm, not because it’s dark but to hunt. Ian is home by 3:30pm now, because it is dark by 4pm. The joys of a northerly latitude.


    • Bill says:

      Dark by 4? And I thought nightfall came early here this time of year… But just think of those LONG summer days you get. 🙂


      • Joanna says:

        Oh yes! The hay harvest can go on till 10pm and it is still light enough to see fine. Bit of a pain trying to get to sleep though, it doesn’t really get properly dark and by around 3am the sun is starting to appear again


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