Feels Pretty Natural

“A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of throwing an axe until they try it. It’s one of those primal things that actually feels pretty natural.”

–Jason Nip
(h/t π )

I split plenty of wood when I was growing up. Swinging an ax came to feel pretty natural to me. But throwing an ax? Primal or not, that would not feel natural to me. Not at first at least.

Mr. Nip is a 40 year old industrial designer who recently joined an ax-throwing league in Canada. He has discovered that throwing an ax feels pretty natural to him. (For more on the joys of ax-throwing, go HERE.)

The first few times I took someone’s deposition, the process seemed uncomfortable and unnatural. Eventually I took hundreds, maybe thousands, of depositions. Deposing a witness came to be part of a normal workday. It came to feel pretty natural.

A lot of things that would be unnatural to normal human beings became natural to me as an attorney. And now almost none of those things are of any use to me as a farmer/homesteader.

Instead I have had to take up a whole host of jobs that felt entirely unnatural at first, and begin the process of turning them into jobs that feel pretty natural. The old dog had to learn some new tricks. And now, every single day I perform multiple tasks that feel entirely natural, all of which would have been  strange and completely unnatural just a few years ago.

The transition has been easier in some areas than others. I’ve never had an aptitude for mechanical work, for example, so repairing things continues to be a challenge. But by and large anyone who followed me around for a day would assume that the daily work of farm/homesteading comes naturally to me. That would not have been the case a few years ago.

I think Mr. Nip is probably right. If I took up ax-throwing it would start to feel pretty natural to me after a while. Nevertheless, I don’t intend to start throwing axes. It’s just not high on the list of skills I’d like to add. But I’ll be very pleased when I don’t have to take equipment to the shop for repairs anymore–that is, when fixing them myself feels pretty natural to me.