Change of Plans


I’m not happy with these four right now.

Yesterday it was time for them to go to the processor. The first step, of course, is loading them onto the trailer. They were having none of it.

It’s common for there to be one who balks, but this time all four flat refused. I’d been reducing their rations to motivate them to follow me onto the trailer, but however hungry they were, they weren’t hungry enough to get onboard.


They were willing to reach into the trailer and eat, but when I slid the trough further in they just looked at it and squealed. All day.

I can’t blame them of course. Even though they have no reason to fear the trailer, it must make them uncomfortable.

So I cancelled our appointment and rescheduled for next week. I’ll keep trying to feed them on the trailer and hopefully in a few days they’ll be waiting for me in it when I show up with their food.