The End of November

At this time last year our gardens had been finished for over a month, done in by an early two-day freeze. But this year, thanks to our tropical fall, they’re still cranking out the goodness.




We’re flooded with great fall veggies. We’re still harvesting chard, turnips, spinach, kale, collards, multiple varieties of Asian greens, arugula, broccoli, mustard greens, cabbage, cauliflower and more.




So far the only thing we’ve lost is the bok choy, and we didn’t lose it to cold. Instead, it’s been so warm it bolted, much to the delight of the bees.



But brown is the new green. Most of the fall colors are gone. The young beech trees and some of the oaks remain defiant, refusing to surrender their leaves just yet, but most of the trees stand bare now, ready for winter.


I’m thankful for the beauty and serenity of this time of year. There are no bugs biting us when we go outside. There is no weeding to do. It’s a mellow time, the calm before winter’s storm perhaps.



24 comments on “The End of November

  1. shoreacres says:

    That’s some fine looking cauliflower, for sure. And I like the expansive views over the fields. A lot gets hidden by leaves, beautiful as they are. The horizon has a lot going for it, too.


  2. gatheringplaceseasonfour says:

    This past week I was so excited to see a single honey bee on our suburban lot.


  3. We’ve just had a week of hard frosts, but up until last week, gardens here looked much like yours looks now. Your pictures do have a winter look though. It’s coming…


  4. May the delicious bounty last a few more weeks, at least. 🙂


  5. smcasson says:

    The undergrowth next to the interstate a week ago had that lime green look of new growth. I saw swelling buds on trees just yesterday. Weird stuff. Although I sure appreciate the mild weather helping me out personally, I really enjoyed the last two years’ hard winters. We shall see what comes…


  6. Zambian Lady says:

    Those veggies look good – I would not mind partaking of some, straight from the field. Have a happy December.


  7. Leigh says:

    Your garden looks fantastic. Such a blessing. I’m hoping for a fairly mild winter, myself, to see how long I can keep things growing.


    • Bill says:

      All of our fall plantings are doing very well. We’re eating like royalty and keeping our customers happy too. Of course some nasty weather could bring it all to an end, but fortunately we have plenty put up too. It’s been a great year for fall gardening here.


  8. Good looking fall crops. Really a nice fall to let everything adjust.


    • Bill says:

      It’s been a very nice fall here. Warm and sunny in the day, but cooling off at night and raining enough to keep everything watered. Almost ideal conditions. No complaints here.


  9. Joanna says:

    Wish it was the calm before the storm for us. More like we have had a taster of the winter – normal for us and now we have to crack on and get jobs finished before snow stops play. At least for Ian. I just have written work to do 😀 He is busy trying to finish off the fencing for the new alpaca house and the sheep winter quarter’s before the ground freezes too much. We have had a bit of a thaw from the previous week and so that gives us a bit of breathing space.


  10. Laurie Graves says:

    Wow! Those are some vegetables. I must admit, I am a wee bit envious.


    • Bill says:

      It’s been a great fall for gardening here. Hopefully the goodies will keep on coming for a while. 🙂


      • Laurie Graves says:

        Yes, yes! Here’s something you might like to know. At our local health food store, I found Maine-grown popcorn at a very reasonable price. From now on, that’s where I’ll be getting my popcorn, which I’m just crazy about. In my view, there is no snack like popcorn.

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