Happy Thanksgiving

What a great reason for a holiday–gratitude.

It is fitting that a day devoted to being thankful should be centered on food. May we all enjoy meals today that are worthy of celebration.

Every item of food we’ll consume today has a story. Maybe it would be helpful to think for a few moments about those stories. Are they stories we’re pleased to be a part of?

I know it’s tempting to deliberately avoid thinking about that. We worry that thinking about the stories behind our food might reduce our pleasure in eating it (a pleasure many of us seek to preserve at all costs). I’m convinced that there are lots of people whose hearts are telling them to eat ethically, yet they’re resisting because they fear doing so would take away the joy of eating. Here’s how I respond to that in Organic Wesley:

Neither should we be discouraged by the fear that eating better will make us unhappy. Many people wrongly assume that eating well means self-deprivation, such as never again eating dessert, having to permanently give up favorite foods, or feeling hungry all the time. But in fact, as many who have begun this journey can attest, persons who replace unhealthy diets with diets of nutritious and ethically-sourced food tend not only be healthier, but also to feel better and to find that they appreciate and enjoy food more than they ever have before. The image of a healthy ethical eater as a sour monkish figure, subsisting on lentils and carrot sticks, simply does not match the reality of a life enriched by enjoying the pleasures and satisfaction that come from good food. Chances are you know someone who is cheerfully living a healthy lifestyle, and who enjoys a diet of good food. Look to that person for inspiration, rather than to food-snobs or some stereotype you may have in mind. Remember too that if you are persuaded that a diet of ethically-sourced nutritious food, eaten in moderation, is part of God’s desire for your life, then you should expect God’s favor and blessing as you sincerely, diligently and prayerfully seek to make the necessary changes in your life. If you ask for a fish, you will not be given a snake.

My hope is that we will all celebrate our day of thanksgiving with a delicious feast of good food.

For any who are interested, Jane Riecke has written a thoughtful review of Organic Wesley–read it HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!