So I got myself a new toy.


While I can come up with legitimate justifications for having it, the truth is that I thought it would be fun to see what might be roaming around the farm at night.

We have lots of wildlife here, of course. But often all we see of the critters are tracks and scat. They’re pretty good at staying out of sight. I’ve seen plenty of deer, possums, coons, skunks and the like, but I’ve yet to see a bear, a bobcat or a coyote. Quite a few people have reported seeing a cougar, but to the best of my knowledge no one has gotten a picture of one. And of course there is the mysterious creature I’ve glimpsed that I believe to be a fisher cat.

So I set out my new trail camera in hopes of capturing exciting photos of wildlife.

Guess what I’ve discovered so far?


I need to program the date and time correctly


No surprises yet.

I’ll keep looking.