A Dangerous Time of Year, If You’re a Deer

It’s a dangerous time of year for the confused deer who has taken to living with our goats.


Goats are not nocturnal. They forage for food during the day then bed down somewhere safe at night.

Deer, on the other hand, tend to stay bedded down in the woods during the day, then come out into the open to graze at night.

The deer has adopted our goats’ practices, which puts him at risk during hunting season. Even though he lives in the pasture, which is clearly posted, he’s got to be tempting to the hunters who roam up and down our road in their pickup trucks this time of year. It’s not the folks who live around here that I worry about–the deer is a local celebrity now and they know he’s not fair game. But unfortunately we have to put up with a lot of folks who only come out here during hunting season and who prefer to hunt from the road.


See him?


“Ain’t nobody here but us goats.”

We’re keeping an eye on him and of course I’m not going to tolerate anyone shooting into our pasture.