Just Mercy

Recently a friend loaned me her copy of Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, insisting that I would enjoy it. Even though the book is a NYT bestseller, I hadn’t heard of it. These days I don’t want to spend my precious reading time with books about law and lawyers. I had enough of those things in my past.

But now that I’ve finished the book I’m very glad she loaned it to me. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time.

A compelling page-turner, Just Mercy tells the story of Bryan Stevenson’s work representing wrongfully convicted death row inmates and others subjected to unjust sentences. This book will almost certainly change how a reader thinks about our criminal justice system. Highly recommended.

Just Mercy is an inspiring story. Although I know some who read this book will take away from it a reinforced belief that our society is hopelessly bigoted and unfair, to me it is a story of redemption, and proof that a few dedicated people devoted to an ideal can change a corrupt and unjust system. That’s the kind of story we all need to hear more of, in my opinion. And we need to take it to heart.

When we see things that aren’t as they should be(and we all do), we shouldn’t just accept them as “just the way things are.”  Instead we should do what Bryan Stevenson and his colleagues have done–roll up our sleeves and try to change them.