Here Come the Kids

This was Nellie on Friday. We knew it couldn’t be much longer.


And here is what I discovered in the pasture early Sunday morning.





Only the second brown kid ever born on the farm

Only the second brown kid ever born on the farm

Yesterday morning Penny delivered.

Another brown kid!

Another brown kid!


In all the years we’ve been raising goats we’d only had one brown kid. Now we’ve had two more in two days.

He's ridiculously cute

He’s ridiculously cute

A little later in the morning Justine delivered twins.



She chose to have them out in the cold rain, but I carried them to a warm barn stall and she followed. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of them once they were clean and dry.

We still have at least seven does yet to kid so there will be plenty more coming along soon. In fact, there well may be some waiting for me this morning. Time to go see…