Time Change

Turning the clocks back an hour doesn’t change anything on a farm. The roosters don’t start crowing an hour later and the pigs still want their breakfast at dawn. Nature is uninterested in how we humans choose to measure time.

But we humans, most of us at least, do pay attention to clocks. Although I don’t control when I wake up (not having used an alarm clock in 30 years), I do control when I go to bed, and that is determined by the clock. So for the last week I’ve been getting an hour a day less sleep. I’m still waking up at the usual time, but I’m going to bed an hour later. I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

The most significant effect of the time change for me, is the extra time I’ve had with books. Suppertime on White Flint Farm is 6:30. Whereas before the change I’d have to make sure to break off working in order to be at the table on time, now it’s dark an hour before supper. Time that I’ve been filling with books.

In the heart of the summer I have less than an hour a day for relaxation and reading. It’s light until after 9 and I usually go to bed at 10. But now I have several hours of pre-bedtime darkness–time I can spend reading.

As much as I love summer, when the days are long, hot and tiring, I look forward to the shorter darker days to come. It’s a good time of year for good books.