The Deliberate Agrarian

Herrick Kimball posted a thoughtful review of Organic Wesley a few days ago on his excellent blog The Deliberate Agrarian, which I’m sure many of you regularly read. The review is HERE.

Here’s a bit of it:

After presenting his evidence for a Wesleyan food ethic, based on Christian ethics and promoted by John Wesley over 200 years ago, Guerrant relights the torch. The last chapter of the book, Living The Ethic, is an encouraging call to action.

Though I am not a Methodist, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a well written thesis that brings together history, theology, and agriculture in a compelling way. It speaks to critically important issues of our day. It offers valid personal responses and solutions to the serious harm being inflicted  on individuals and families by the industrial food juggernaut.

Also, from my perspective as a Christian-agrarian, I interpret Organic Wesley as a contra-mundum book that should be in the library of every Christian-agrarian believer.

I encourage you to go read the whole thing. It’s quite a good engagement with the book I think.

For any who have read and enjoyed the book, please consider posting a review on Amazon (HERE). I’m told reviews help folks find books when using search engines, or something like that. If anyone understands why Amazon reviews matter (something that seems to be universally acknowledged) I’m curious, so please share why.