Using our Gifts

For by the grace given to me I ask every one of you not to think of yourself more highly than you should think, rather to think of yourself with sober judgment on the measure of faith that God has assigned each of you. For we have many parts in one body, but these parts do not all have the same function. In the same way, even though we are many people, we are one body in the Messiah and individual parts connected to each other. We have different gifts based on the grace that was given to us. So if your gift is prophecy, use your gift in proportion to your faith. If your gift is serving, devote yourself to serving others. If it is teaching, devote yourself to teaching others. If it is encouraging, devote yourself to encouraging others. If it is sharing, share generously. If it is leading, lead enthusiastically. If it is helping, help cheerfully.

St. Paul

15 comments on “Using our Gifts

  1. gatheringplaceseasonfour says:

    right now my gift IS serving. Spouse (total joint – hip – replacement surgery) I stayed all the time her two hospital days, first night back home – as “coach” (partner / spouse) at age 71 (each).


  2. ain't for city gals says:

    I think our gifts change over the course of time….right now my gift would be helping and trying to walk the fine line of overstepping.


  3. Mary Ann Cauthen says:

    I quickly read my Christian devotional books as I ate breakfast, & then came to the computer. After reading several e mails & some favorite blogs, I came to this & wow was it refreshing & really set the tone for my day! Thanks for sharing your Faith in such a refreshing, meaningful manner. Mary Ann


  4. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, good post for today. My gift is service as well. One thing that strikes me in this passage is that no one person has all the gifts. We must work in unity with one another. No one gift is higher than another. Some times in church realms one gift such as service is seen as being of less value than another such as a prophet or a teacher. Operating in the gifts that Paul talks about can be a seed bed for the pride. May we all be so humble that the seed of pride would never sprout and become an issue. Gifts and talents are given to each of us in different measure so that we must depend on each other to live a successful and satisfying life.

    One thing that I believe that parents should be doing is to help their children find out what their gifts and talents are and help them learn how best to use them for the betterment of mankind. We are in life together and with a little help from each other, we can make the journey a memorable one that will benefit all those that have known us.

    Have a great gifted and talented day.


    • Bill says:

      Good point Dave. We not all gifted in all things, but when we work together in community we get both to share our own gifts and the benefit of the gifts of others. That’s a beautiful thing I think.


  5. avwalters says:

    I’m hoping my gift is humor. Humor me.

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  6. I always love this passage, a reminder that we are members of our community, without which it is not complete. Every contribution matters to the whole And like others, I think we are perhaps equipped with more than one gift, that may lie dormant until it is called for. To serve may be our primary gift, but we may at times be called to teach or lead or encourage. Both secularly and spiritually, it is a blessing that we have different gifts – imagine if we all wanted to be teachers, but no one wanted to be a nurse or doctor. Or we all wanted to preach, but none of us wanted to serve coffee later :).


    • Bill says:

      The metaphor of the human body is beautiful and makes perfect sense to me. Just as we are composed of many different parts, all with different functions but integrated to make a functioning body, so it is with a healthy community. And I like your observation that we may have gifts lying dormant waiting for a time when they’re needed. At a time in my life I cultivated a gift for advocacy and conflict resolution. The cultivation I’m doing these days calls for a different type of gift, but that one is still in me somewhere when the times arise that I need it.


  7. Dearest Bill,
    Yes, we must all use our gifts and talents and often that means you become like a centipede, different roles to different people. Even serving our animals and birds in the wild and those that share the home with us. One can lay the head on the pillow feeling blessed with satisfaction if we can reach out to others that need a kind word, an encouragement or to cheer them up with a little gift of love… Often that little gift might be lending an ear and giving of our time.
    Blessings to you for a good Sunday with your loved ones.

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