End of the Season


We’ll be picking and preparing produce for the farmer’s market today. Tomorrow is the last one of the year.

It will be nice to sleep past 4:30 on Saturday mornings again.

It’s been an excellent year for us at the market, thanks to an ever increasing number of people who are choosing fresh locally-grown food, and hopefully in part because we’ve been able to deliver delicious high-quality food each week. We had failures–deer destroyed all of our purple hull peas and most of our tomatoes and heavy rain ruined most of our sweet potatoes–but most of our gardens came in beautifully and week in and week out we’ve been able to fill our table. Most weeks we have sold out.

Fall has been good to us and we still have lots of food growing in the gardens. Tomorrow we’ll have radishes, Swiss chard, turnips, spinach, 3 kinds of kale, collard greens, arugula, 7 types of Asian greens, sweet potatoes, mustard greens and broccoli, as well as Cherie’s homemade granola. Like us, our customers will eat well.

Things will start to slow down for us now. We’ll still be delivering produce to drop points twice a week, but the rush of the season will be over.

Now we can get serious about that long list of winter projects we’ve been saving up. And we can get some rest.