Cherie is a ruthless declutterer. Nothing stays here long if it isn’t being used. So we have a generally clutter-free house.

But our place isn’t entirely clutter-free, thanks to some of the areas in my domain.

In my office, for example, the bookshelves are full and books are stacked in piles on the floor. Most are books I’ll never read again. By holding on to them, all I’m doing is preventing them from finding their way to people who might enjoy reading them, while simultaneously cluttering up the room.

Likewise the barn and the equipment shed now contain stuff accumulated over ten plus years for which I can theoretically imagine some future need, but which have served no purpose over the last decade other than to clutter up the buildings.

So decluttering is my list of things to do this winter, when there is time for such projects. It won’t be easy letting go of all those books, or the junk in the barn, but I’m gonna try. Then there is that large tub of compact discs in the basement….