One Month In

It’s now been about a month since my book Organic Wesley was published and the reaction has been generally positive. I’m pleased that churches around the country are using it for congregational group studies, I’m hearing from people who have enjoyed it, and I even have my very first Amazon review.

Biblical scholar and professor Brian Russell interviewed me about the book on his blog (HERE).

I’ve been especially pleased at some of things Wesleyan scholar Howard Snyder has had to say about it. He tweeted: “Bill Guerrant’s Organic Wesley is now essential Wesleyan reading.” On Facebook he described it as “must reading.” I’m not gonna lie. That gives me a sense of accomplishment.

The videos are available now (streaming) and the DVDs should be available very soon (HERE).

I wondered if anyone would want to publish this book and then I wondered if anyone would want to read it. It feels good to know that folks are reading it and it’s especially satisfying to know that some are finding merit in it.