The Emma Caites Way

emma caites

Many readers of this blog will know A.V. Walters, the blogger and homesteader. She and her husband are building their own house and carving out a homestead in northern Michigan. Her blog (HERE) is highly recommended.

Perhaps less known in these parts is that A.V. is also a novelist, with two published novels to her credit. They’ve been on my “want to read” list a long time. A few days ago her first novel, The Emma Caites Way, finally transitioned from that list to my “books read” list.

It’s a delightful novel–an engaging story that begins with the purchase of an old painting in an Oakland, California thrift shop, a purchase that sparks the buyer’s curiosity about the unknown painter and evolves into a quest to discover her story.

As with most good stories, The Emma Caites Way both informs and entertains. A page-turner, I quickly found myself anxious to join the characters in their search and the book was an enjoyable companion over the few nights it took me to finish it. Along the way I learned how oil paintings are restored and was introduced to some previously unknown art history.

It is evident that the author knows well the world in which this novel is set–a world that seems strikingly different from the world I imagine her to inhabit today. I find that intriguing and suggestive of a journey that may deserve a telling of its own.

Winter is coming. We’ll all want to have a stack of books on hand to help get us through the cold dark evenings. The Emma Caites Way would be a fine addition to that pile.