In Color

When I was a boy the television networks began changing their programming from black and white to color, and people started buying color TVs. I remember Tinkerbell changing the screen from black and white to color at the beginning of The World of Disney (or was it Samantha at the beginning of Bewitched? Or both?).

bewitched black and white

bewitched in color

I remember the NBC peacock spreading its tail and turning from black and white to color. That was high tech and drew wows back in those days.

nbc peacock

I’m reminded of those days, because nature is doing something like that around here now. Our green world is turning technicolor. It’s beautiful.


But like every other year, I can’t seem to take any pictures that do it justice. It isn’t as colorful here yet as it’s going to be, but the trees are strikingly beautiful now, especially in the light of dawn and dusk. But the pictures I take just don’t look like the reality. That’s too bad. Maybe it makes me appreciate the real thing more.


Every fall nature paints the canvas differently. No two falls are the same. And we only get to see a few of them.

I hope you’re enjoying your fall, whether nature paints yours subtly or flamboyantly.


18 comments on “In Color

  1. Nature is painting a bright picture here right now. 🙂 I remember when TV transitioned to color and the first thing I saw in color was the Tonight Show with the brightly colored curtain behind Johnny Carson.


  2. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, for some reason fall colors are really dragging their feet here in Nebraska. October colors should be in full swing now but the leaves are struggling to turn. At least one tree that I see has already dropped all it’s leaves without a single golden colored leaf. I’m into the second round of yard clean up from leaf drop and my trees don’t have even a twinge of color on them yet. October 15th is our first frost date and temps are still in the 60s and 70s during the days. Monday and Tuesday the temps are predicted to be in the 80s. Night temps are in the 40s. Most folks here are counting their blessings and soaking up the warm fall weather. I’m just wondering what’s up for the Winter. Nature does what it does and everything always works out, doesn’t it.

    Like you, if it weren’t for the wildlife, I would have had a fantastic year. Even with the deer and raccoon issues the year was one of the better years for harvesting. I still have major cleanup to do but it looks like I’ll have some time to do it this fall. The new garden beds are progressing. I have one rough lined with rocks and enough rocks for another couple beds.These new beds are in the sweet corn fortress area. I really need to work on the home place called the Urban Ranch. The Urban Ranch is where I live and there are four raised beds in the back yard that have automated watering from rain water. I’m still tweaking that system but it worked pretty well this year. I am still experimenting with the potting mix in the buckets to help the wicking action up through the buckets. It’s way past time to sow my inside garden for Winter salads. But the next best time to sow the Winter garden is now.

    Have a great nature in color day.


    • Bill says:

      Our weather has turned cold, on the other hand. It was 34 this morning and we’ve possibly had frost. We had a long tiring day yesterday so I’m choosing to start this one slowly, so I haven’t been outside to confirm that. If we did have frost I may accelerate the sweet potato harvest and get started on it today.

      We sure took some major hits from the deer this year, as you know. They may it challenging to produce food here. As you’ve shown me, the problem isn’t limited to us, or to deer. We just have to keep trying. Maybe someday we’ll prevail. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the goodies they’ve left us–lots of greens and cool weather deliciousness. We’re hoping this winter isn’t as harsh as last year–so we can keep producing till spring.


  3. BeeHappee says:

    It has not rained here for over a month, so color is not as intense as it would be ideally, but to me, fall always seems ideal.
    I grew up on only black and white TV, an old little TV with an antenna on top that we would need to tinker with or slam our fists on the top of TV when it started acting up, and it would work again. We had people who would go house to house to fix TVs – does anyone even do that anymore? The back cover of our old TV was off since we always needed to tinker with some circuits, so we would sneak into the corner behind the TV and mess around with all the little lights, etc. Seriously. This was in the 1980-1990s. Black and white films are relaxing to me, you can focus on the content vs form. Kids, on the other hand… We were watching Captains Courageous recently per Chris’ recommend, and my 7 yr old says: “Is the WHOLE movie going to be grey like this? Then I am not going to watch it!” I barely even noticed it was not color… She watched it anyway, but I guess it is all what we are used to.

    Here is the good news. Guess what I am holding in my hand right now – your book, Bill, our suburban library got your book in!! I just browsed through it, and it looks like a great deal of research went into it. Congratulations again.

    Also, grabbed at the library “Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter” by Lloyd Kahn, 2012. Check it out if you can, Cherie would like it. It has a great deal of inspiring stories (some 150 builders of small homes) and beautiful photos. Published by same people who published Shelter back in the 1970s.

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    • Bill says:

      Out here in the country when I was growing up would could get 3 channels–ABC, NBC and CBS. But we had an antenna on a tall pole out in the yard and to get the picture we’d have to go out and turn the pole by hand, while someone in the house watching the screen would yell out when to stop. It was an inexact and often frustrating science. 🙂

      TV repairman was a necessary and honorable profession then. Now I doubt they even exist. If a TV breaks now its cheaper to just throw it away and buy a new one.

      I’m glad to know my book has found a home in your library. Thanks for helping make that happen. 🙂 As for research, you should’ve seen the original version of this. Much longer and with hundreds more footnotes. Someone reviewed it on Amazon and commented that the research and footnotes might put off some people. A fair comment, but I smiled thinking of all the work that went into shedding footnotes and trying to make it less stuffy.

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  4. Linda says:

    Beautiful photos, Bill! I remember Bewitched very well! I am a baby boomer (I will be 59 on October 27th), and I remember the old black and white TV shows, the television had an antenna/rabbit ears, and the knobs we needed back then. For example, the picture would sometimes jump, so you need to adjust the treble (I think this is what it was called). I also remember that the TV stations would shut down for the night. The TV shows were wholesome, you didn’t need to worry about most of the shows. You could happily watch a show with your small children sitting beside you and know that there was nothing offensive, visually or verbally, that needed to be hidden from them. Bewitched, The Andy Griffith Show, and so many others! I really miss TV shows the way they used to be. I still watch television but I am very selective about what I watch. I cannot stand shows with swearing and other offensive things, so I just don’t watch those shows. Jerry Springer is just one example, but there are many. Whenever I can I love to watch the classics, and The Waltons is one of my favourite as well as Bewitched and The Andy Griffith Show.


    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      Hi Linda, it appears that we are all of a similar vintage: ) I’m pretty sure that the name(s) you’re looking for (and used to twiddle with; ) were the vertical and horizontal hold buttons; but your set may have also had bass and treble adjustment for the sound?
      Bill, I still remember seeing the Lawrence Welk Show at my grandparents’ house when the mass dancers’ costumes went to colour. It was spectacular! (And almost made watching the rest of the show bearable; )

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    • Bill says:

      We haven’t watched TV in years, but I have fond memories of TV from my childhood. And yes I remember when the stations would go off the air at night, usually after playing the national anthem. As I mentioned above, we only had 3 stations out here in the country, but that was all we needed, as there only 3 networks. We had an antenna on a tall pole in the yard that we had to turn by hand to get a signal, depending on which station we wanted to watch. 🙂


  5. EllaDee says:

    You’re not missing much as far as contemporary television viewing goes… our favourite is re-runs of MASH.
    I remember when TV changed from B&W to colour and also that although there were some US & English programs there seemed to be proportionately more local content than there is currently.
    We have a different seasonal technicolour happening… we’re will into spring evidenced by the purple splotches of jacaranda tree I can see from my office window, and dropping purple flowers along many inner city streets… too much purple is never enough!


    • Bill says:

      I was a big fan of MASH. After seeing the movie I read the book and ultimately the several follow-ups he wrote. It was my favorite TV show. Later, when I was in college, my buddies and I would watch MASH re-runs after supper and before going to the library to study. If we weren’t going to study we had drinking games specially created to go with the show. Good memories.


  6. shoreacres says:

    I can’t believe it, but I don’t remember the change from black and white to color. How can that be? I remember so much from those days… but not that. What I do remember are some of the early shows, like Kraft Circle Theater, and I Led Three Lives. And, yes, Lawrence Welk. I’d watch that with my grandmother — but first we had to watch a little pro wrestling. Grammy had a thing for Gorgeous George, as I recall.

    And there always was the trip down to the hardware store to test the tubes when the tv went out. You usually could spot the bad one, because it would turn black. But dad always had to take a bunch — I think just so he could mess around jawing with the other guys who were testing tubes.
    That happened with radios, too. No transistors back in those days!


    • Bill says:

      I remember how excited we were when we got a color TV. Before that happened a friend down the road had a piece of colored cellophane that you put over the TV screen to give the illusion of color. I can remember watching Batman at his house that way and being thrilled by it.

      Pro wrestling. Oh my goodness. That brings back memories too. My Grandpa liked watching it and you best not claim it was fake.


  7. Nature is doing her color bit here as well Bill. And no TV can quite match her, no matter how great her color or how many pixels. Still I vaguely remember the Peacock turning color, and being impressed. And I remember my first color TV, A big monstrous thing that weighed a ton, or at least it seemed like it. –Curt


  8. barnraised says:

    Those are gorgeous photos. I love the contrast of the bright red barn and the green grass mixed with the hues of fall. What a beautiful place you have!


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