In Color

When I was a boy the television networks began changing their programming from black and white to color, and people started buying color TVs. I remember Tinkerbell changing the screen from black and white to color at the beginning of The World of Disney (or was it Samantha at the beginning of Bewitched? Or both?).

bewitched black and white

bewitched in color

I remember the NBC peacock spreading its tail and turning from black and white to color. That was high tech and drew wows back in those days.

nbc peacock

I’m reminded of those days, because nature is doing something like that around here now. Our green world is turning technicolor. It’s beautiful.


But like every other year, I can’t seem to take any pictures that do it justice. It isn’t as colorful here yet as it’s going to be, but the trees are strikingly beautiful now, especially in the light of dawn and dusk. But the pictures I take just don’t look like the reality. That’s too bad. Maybe it makes me appreciate the real thing more.


Every fall nature paints the canvas differently. No two falls are the same. And we only get to see a few of them.

I hope you’re enjoying your fall, whether nature paints yours subtly or flamboyantly.