New Lights

I don’t get many new things these days, and I like it that way. But in the last couple of weeks I did get a couple of new things and I’m very pleased with them.


Cherie bought me this high-powered flashlight. Since early summer I’ve been trudging out into the darkness nearly every night with a flashlight and a shotgun, to chase the deer out of the gardens. Sometimes I wore my headlamp instead, but either way the deer usually heard and saw me coming long before I could see them. But with this new flashlight I can light up the most distant garden on this part of our farm from the back deck of our house, which is especially helpful on moonless nights. It’s amazing. It has three settings: the high-powered beam, a normal beam, and a stobelight effect. It has a telescoping body that allows you to narrow the beam or spread it wide. Highly recommended for homesteaders who need to see in the dark sometimes.

As cool as the flashlight is, this may be even cooler.


A couple of weeks ago we had a pre-order for the Saturday market that came in late. So I had to go pick it in the pre-dawn dark. At the market I mentioned to our customer (one of our most loyal) that I’d picked their order in the dark, while holding a flashlight between my knees. The next week he gave me the Powercap.

This thing is awesome. It has high-intensity lights under the bill of the cap. It’s like a headlamp, only better. I wear it whenever I’m doing my nighttime chores now. It throws out a powerful light, keeps your hands free, and of course is always shining in the direction you’re looking. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks but it’s already become indispensable. If you need to light up an area hundreds of yards away, get the flashlight. If you only need to see what’s right in front of you, get this cap.


I hope this post has been enlightening.