Food is Not Food

I suppose nothing about the Industrial Ag mindset should surprise me anymore. But I admit to being taken a little aback by a claim that appears in an article in an Industrial Ag magazine this month.

Discussing our ongoing cultural conversation about food, and specifically how we differentiate foods when making our food choices, the author writes: “Frankly, it’s tiring. Food is food.”

Food is food??

This is a particularly remarkable claim in that it comes from someone who presumably produces food for a living. It shows how little regard we’ve come to have for the food that the system generates. It’s just “food.” No different from any other food. Food, after all, is food.

But however much the industrial system would like us to believe that, consumers aren’t going to buy that claim. Nor should they, of course.

What would we think of parents if we asked them what day care they were selecting for their children, and their response was “Day care is day care”?

When we choose our physicians, do we believe that “doctors are doctors”? Would it be sensible to claim that “teachers are teachers”? That “medicine is medicine”?

The mere fact that something can be ingested, doesn’t make it equivalent to all other ingestible things.

People should have the freedom to choose what they will put in their bodies. But it should be an informed decision.

Eggs are not eggs.



Pork is not pork.



Vegetables are not vegetables.



Food is not food.