Encouraging Signs


At the market yesterday a man asked for tatsoi. He didn’t pronounce it correctly, but I knew what he meant. I didn’t recognize him. He wasn’t one of our regulars. After I handed him the tatsoi he said he’d bought some last week, not knowing what it was, tried it and loved it. So he was back for more. A little while later the same scene was repeated with a different customer, who came back for more bok choy after buying some from us the previous week, having never tasted it before. He liked it so much he came back for more.

Those kinds of things encourage us. Of course we sold out of the more familiar things, like bacon and collard greens. But we’re selling most of our Asian greens too now. People here are discovering the wonderful variety that a local seasonal diet can offer.

And we learned yesterday that this year, for the first time ever, our market will stay open in the winter, expanding the community’s access to local food even more.

Good things are happening here.

And it’s beginning to look like fall.