Tiny Houses

Four and a half years ago I blogged about the ever-increasing size of American homes, and what that suggested about our society (HERE).

As I noted in the post:

The average size of a new home in the U.S.:

1950:  983 sq. ft.
1970: 1500 sq. ft.
1990:  2080 sq. ft
2010:  2438 sq. ft.

This has occurred despite the fact that the size of the families living in those houses has decreased during that time.

But these days there seems to be an encouraging move away from “McMansions.” Instead, nowadays there is a “tiny house” movement and it seems to be growing. Perhaps the truth that bigger isn’t always better is starting to carry the day.

When we built our house in 2004, it seemed modest by comparison to the homes our peers were buying and building. But now we realize that it’s way too big. If we were starting this life today we’d probably build a “tiny house.” Cherie still wants to live in a travel trailer, so maybe someday we’ll not only have a tiny house, but it will be on wheels.

Whatever our life may bring, it is good to see culture starting to recognize what is important in life. And what isn’t.