Better Is One Day

Some days here fit the image that often comes to mind when folks think of farm life–serene, beautiful, peaceful days. And some don’t.

Yesterday morning we were up at 4:30 to prepare for market.  We had a couple of young does we needed to cull due to foot problems, and yesterday was the day of the goat auction at our local livestock market.  So after Cherie and I loaded one of our farm vehicles (a 12 year old Honda Pilot) with the farmer’s market items and she set off for the market in the dark, I went out into the mud and cold rain to wrestle goats. After loading our cage into the bed of our truck, I caught, tagged and loaded the goats. Just before leaving for the stock market I noticed that we had failed to load one of the crates of produce into the Pilot. So I put it in the cab of the truck and sent a Cherie a text message, saying I’d bring it after dropping off the goats.

I was first in line to unload at the stock market. As we were unloading the goats one of the workers said, “That one has the sh-ts.” Sigh. An inopportune time to contract diarrhea. But I couldn’t take them back home at that point. So I left her, knowing that it would appear she was sick and drive down the price she would bring at the sale.

After unloading the goats I changed clothes in the bathroom at the stock market and joined Cherie at the farmer’s market. Thanks to a cold hard rain, there weren’t many customers. Nevertheless, our local followers came through as they have all year and we very nearly sold out.


Once the farmer’s market was over, I went back to the livestock market, just in time for the sale of our goats. They sold for about 1/2 of what I had expected, but under the circumstances I couldn’t complain.

Finally back home around 2 for a late lunch and a nap before more garden and goat work in the rain.

As I reflected on the day, I realized it wasn’t the kind of day likely to attract a person to farming.

Nevertheless I call it a good day. As I was tromping around in the mud and muck I thought, “Better is one day in these courts, than a thousand elsewhere.”