Organic Wesley

So, have I mentioned that I wrote a book?

Organic Wesley releases this week. Getting to this point has been quite an experience and I’ll confess to being pleased with how it’s all turned out.

I’ll also admit to being pleased that the book has been endorsed by Wesley scholar Howard Snyder, author of The Radical Wesley, Salvation Means Creation Healed and many other books.

“If we are Jesus followers, we know that Christian discipleship involves every area of our life, without exception. Certainly this includes food and concern for healthy bodies and healthy land. Bill Guerrant in Organic Wesley shows that Wesley in the 1700’s understood this very well – and that Wesley’s insights can help us be better and more healthy Christian disciples today. This new study is both inspiring and healing.”

Howard A. Snyder – Visiting Director, Manchester Wesley Research Centre, Manchester, England

My sincere hope is that this book will convincingly connect Wesleyan teachings and thought to the guiding principles of the contemporary food movement–a preference for nutritious food, moderation in consumption, humane treatment of farm animals, a preference for organic/naturally produced food, and a preference for food that is locally produced. More importantly, my hope is that it will be helpful to people who are looking for guidance on how to make ethical food choices.

Production of the video series is now complete, way ahead of schedule I think. They should be available soon as well. Having now reviewed them all, I think they do a pretty good job of making this information accessible and digestible, without having to read the book.

The book has its own webpage now (HERE), which includes a blog of sorts. I haven’t gotten started yet, but I’ll be posting there occasionally, for any who are interested.