This has been a working farm for a long time. My earliest memories of it only go back to the mid-60’s. We were able to save some of the old buildings–the main part of the “home house,” which dates back to the 1880’s, a couple of barns and a cabin. There are some other cabins and barns which we haven’t tried to restore, but which are still standing. And of course I can remember┬ábarns, houses and other outbuildings that are now gone.

But I often see evidence of life here that predates my earliest memories. This stone foundation in the woods is an example.

Look carefully and you'll see it.

Look carefully and you’ll see it.


I don’t know what once stood there.

Maybe someday some future occupant of this place will see some remnant of our time here, and wonder what it was. I wonder what they’ll think of what we leave behind.