Chapter One

I’m very pleased that the publisher is making Chapter One of my book and the introductory video to the video series available for free. Here is the video. Please let me know what you think!

And HERE is the link to the Organic Wesley website, where you will find instructions for how to download Chapter One.

I was also pleased to get two more endorsements yesterday, from people I admire.

“Every person eats every day. Rarely do we spend time considering our food choices in the light of the gospel. But John Wesley did, and we can too. Organic Wesley sheds new light on the historic connections between the Christian faith and ethical eating. It turns out that we in the Christian food movement are not pioneers – we are heirs of Wesley’s practical wisdom and everyday ethics. This inspiring and informative book is an invaluable addition to the contemporary conversation on food and faith.”

–The Rev. Nurya Love Parish, editor Guide to the Christian Food Movement and co-founder of Plainsong Farm

“In an age in which flesh is separated from spirit and bodies from the earth we are in need of a practical theology that will bring us toward wholeness.  In Organic Wesley Bill Guerrant shows us that John Wesley provides just the sort of guidance we now need to find our flourishing.  Articulate, profound, and deeply accessible, this is a book that offers important insights for all of us who struggle to live rightly in a complex world. “

—Ragan Sutterfield, author of This is My Body and Cultivating Reality

This project has consumed a lot of my time and energy over the last two years, but I have rarely blogged about it. So I hope y’all will indulge me if it seems I’m blogging too much about it now.