I started keeping a journal when we were on vacation many years ago, as a way to remember what we did, where we ate, etc. The second time I did that, I continued to make entries after the vacation was over and that evolved into a fairly consistent practice of journaling.

I was inspired by Cherie, who has always kept a journal. I’ve never been as diligent about it as she is, but it did eventually become part of my regular routine.

Many of my journal entries were written while I was waiting for a flight or riding on an airplane. In other words, when I had down time that I could use to capture thoughts.

It’s interesting to go back now and read some of those long-ago entries. The way I lived then was in many ways the polar opposite of the way I live now. Many of the things that worried me greatly then are things I can’t even recall the details of today. Those old journals are good reminders of why we quit living that way.

Nowadays I don’t keep a journal any more. I have one that I write in once in a while, but it’s a document on the computer rather than a book, and when I make an entry I usually just dash off something about the events of the day. No more long reflective musings while in some miserable airport.

There is value to journaling, I think. That’s because there is value in serious reflection. Of course one can seriously reflect, without writing down one’s thoughts. But I found the discipline of hand writing it out helped me sort through whatever was on my mind. And reading the entries years later helps me remember things I would otherwise have forgotten.

Just thinking this morning about whether I should return to a regular practice of journaling.

Any thoughts from current or former journalers will be appreciated.