Waste Not

We try not to let anything go to waste around here. We try to put everything we grow to good use.

We freeze and preserve some of our harvest for the winter. Cherie also makes jams, jellies and pickles. Over the last couple of days, for example, she has made watermelon jelly, tomato jam and pickled okra. We aim to eat, sell or give away as much of the food we produce as we can.

We’re also careful to avoid food waste. In our kitchen we keep ┬ácontainers for food scraps, one designated for┬áthe pigs and one for the chickens. We also have a container for tea leaves and coffee grounds–those go to the worm bin.

Anything that can’t be eaten by us, by pigs, by chickens or by the worms, goes into yet another container, and from there to the compost pile.

We have a couple of compost piles going at all times–one cooking and one ready for use.


I read recently that about 40% of the food produced in the country is wasted.

That’s too bad. At least we’re not contributing to that.