It’s Getting Busy Around Here

Summer is always a busy time on the farm–the busiest time of the year. But the to-do list is at it’s most daunting when we begin to transition to the next season.

And now is the time to transition to fall. So now, while still tending to the summer gardens and going to two markets a week, we’re also prepping our fall gardens and preparing to plant most of them this week. Now is also the time to mow the pastures to encourage the fall cool-season grasses to grow. And it’s about time to take some pigs to the processor.

So we’ve got plenty to do.

But I was able to scratch one major item off my list–yesterday I sent in the final edits to my book and on Monday it transitions to “manufacture,” which I assume means printing. It feels good to have seen that project through to completion.

And now it’s time to move into a new season. Hopefully today I’ll get started on planting.