Transitioning to Fall

It’s getting dark a little earlier every evening. Even though it still feels like summer, fall is on the way.

We’re still harvesting from our summer gardens of course. ┬áThese days we’re awash in (among other things) tomatoes and watermelons. They’re featured in our meals now, fulfilling a wish I’ve had since they left us last year. And now the okra is starting to arrive and the purple hull peas aren’t far behind. There is plenty of summer goodness left in this year yet.


But we’re also preparing to transition to fall. Yesterday I planted beets. I have broccoli, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, kale and collards seedlings started. We’ll have three large gardens devoted exclusively to fall crops this year and yesterday I spent a lot of time prepping the soil. We’ll start direct seeding next week.

We’re fortunate to have three distinct growing seasons here. This spring when we were starting to tire of lettuce and asparagus, we began to look forward to cucumbers and tomatoes. Now we start thinking about cauliflower and collard greens.

I hope summer lingers and we can continue to enjoy our hot weather foods for another couple of months. But when fall arrives to take its place, we’ll be ready.