The Best Fertilizer

The best fertilizer is the gardener’s shadow.


h/t Garden on Sherlock Street


14 comments on “The Best Fertilizer

  1. shoreacres says:

    This reminds me of another quotation, which I can’t source, but which you probably have some appreciation for:

    “The best writing tool is your butt in a chair.”



  2. smcasson says:

    Boy, I’m afraid you’re writing directly at me today. I’m ashamed of my garden…


  3. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, congrats with the early release of your book. Let me know when I can get a personalized signed copy of your book. It will be interesting to see how faith intertwines with food. Food was an important part of solidifying a contract in the bible. When a covenant was made between tribes food was always part of the deal. Even still today, friendships are still made and enriched around the table with food.

    I’ve followed Gardener on Sherlock Street for years. Her blog is filled with pictures of her gardens. The list of phrases are all great, aren’t they. I like the one that says, “If you have weeds in your garden, you just don’t have enough flowers.” It seems to work for her and most of her gardens are just that, filled with flowers. Being in the city she’s never bothered by deer and loves to attract rabbits that live in among the flowers. It’s not my kind of garden but she has an interesting blog with many pictures of all sorts of plants. She’s another Midwest gardener and lives in Kansas.

    We just had another rain storm come through last night so no working in the garden today. Slowly, I’ve been reclaiming the weed covered areas of the garden this year. In two days school begins so that we free up some time during the day to get my fence completed and weed the strawberry patch. I don’t see any deer tracks any more so I suspect the plants that are now matured are not tender and juicy enough for the deer’s sensitive pallet. Well, and most of the fence is built so the direction they would come from looks as if it’s complete.

    I’ve agreed to haul away a lime stone rock wall some time this fall for a neighbor. I use the rocks to outline my raised beds. It takes a little more time to get them situated but then it’s a forever thing. No deterioration there. I watch British videos on allotment gardening and one of the phrases that comes up is, “do a little bit in the garden frequently.” I’m amazed at how true that is. Just a couple hours of work in the garden on a regular basis can accomplish quite a lot. There’s still three to four months of garden work left in this season. After that the holiday season will be upon me.

    Have a great day putting your shadow in the garden and anticipating the book release. 🙂


    • Bill says:

      I’ll have the book in about a month. I’ll let folks know when it’s out.

      I wouldn’t say our deer have sensitive pallets. They continue to eat the leaves off my pepper plants (cayennes included). I’ve read that you can make a repellent spray with pepper plants. That would probably just add flavor for our deer.


      • nebraskadave says:

        Bill, they really should have a don’t like button. I’m really irritated deer this year. Raccoons even more. Nothing seems to deter them.


  4. I thought you were going to say goat manure.


  5. avwalters says:

    Yes, I know. But my garden this year is sad and spindly. Boy, do we need to build soil. I’ve finally convinced my other half that we need to take some of the deep rich soils from the woods to put in the garden. (He thinks we’ll damage the woods, but I want the vegetables.) It’s a bit of an organic cheat, but one with an historical deep bench.


    • Bill says:

      There’s another quote on her blog that is appropriate: First year it sleeps, second year it creeps, third year it leaps.

      That’s been our experience most of the time. We get very little production from a new garden in year one, mediocre performance in year two and full-blast production in year 3. My guess is that you’ll be swimming in vegetables in a couple of years.

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