More Book News

Last week I was surprised to learn that the publisher has moved my book’s release date up from December to September. It is now available for preorder HERE and it will drop in early to mid-September. Of course we’ll have copies at the farmers market and anyone who wants a copy can also order one directly from me.

OW-coverspread-TS 03

The book covers themes that will be familiar to readers of this blog, but examining them through the lens of the teachings of John Wesley. There are chapters on the rise of industrial agriculture and the countervailing contemporary food movement, the importance of a diet of nutritious food, overconsumption and the obesity epidemic, the treatment of farm animals, organic vs. chemical-based agriculture, local food economies vs. globalization, critiques of the food movement, a call for recognition of a Wesleyan food ethic and a chapter on practical ways to implement the ethic in one’s life.

There will be a corresponding series of ten video lessons, filmed on our farm and narrated by me. The publisher has decided to go ahead and release the book even though the videos won’t be available until later this year.

I’m confident the book will be interesting to anyone with an interest in both John Wesley and food ethics. My hope is that it will be interesting to people who have an interest in either.

Of course I realize it is a somewhat arcane subject and I don’t expect to reach a wide audience. Still, it feels good to know this is finally coming to fruition.