Accelerated Corn Day

Yesterday when I came in from checking a garden, Cherie was in the kitchen making tomato sauce. I interrupted her by saying, I’ve got some bad news, some good news and some probably unwelcome news. She raised her eyebrows.

The bad news was that raccoons had destroyed a lot of our sweet corn overnight.



The good news was that they hadn’t destroyed it all, and what was left was actually ready for harvest, a week earlier than I had anticipated.


The probably unwelcome news was that we had to harvest the remaining corn immediately, as I didn’t think it would survive another night.

Corn Day is a once a year event on our farm. It’s the day we harvest the sweet corn, which must be processed and frozen that same day for best results. Corn Day can be an all-day affair, so we try to plan for it. This year we had it penciled in for next Thursday. The raccoons changed our plans.

So Cherie put aside the tomatoes and we took on the sweet corn instead.


Two out of the last three years we lost all the sweet corn to the raccoons.

Under the circumstances, we’re pleased with how things turned out this year. We will be enjoying corn on the cob this winter after all.