More of Nature’s Bounty

We’ve been eating a lot more “wild” food lately. We’ve been particularly enjoying lambsquarters this summer, a plant that tastes like spinach. Whereas spinach is difficult to grow and can’t survive the midsummer heat, lambsquarters grow wild around the farm and thrive in the heat. It’s a delicious natural food overlooked by most folks around here.



And yesterday evening on our post-supper stroll we discovered a beautiful four-pound chicken-of-the-woods mushroom.


It’s going to turn into some delicious meals for us.


Foraging for wild food is probably the oldest human skill. But in a little more than a generation, we’ve almost entirely lost that skill in our culture.

These days few of us recognize the food and medicine that is growing naturally all around us. Instead, we depend upon drug stores and supermarkets.

We’d do well to begin recovering our ancient knowledge.