Bianca and Kids

Our goat Bianca is shy. She’ll run over to me and quickly check to see if I have a treat for her, then dash away as if she’s afraid of me. She’ll eat out of my hand if I offer her something, but she won’t linger for any ear-scratching.

Her mother behaved the same way. While most of the goats beg for attention, she would keep her distance, coming to get any treat I offered, but then quickly retreating out of reach. I have no idea why she did that. But she must have passed it on to her daughters Bianca and Jade, because they both act that way too.

And now Bianca’s pretty kids won’t let me touch them. Because┬áMom keeps her distance from me, so do they.

Bianca and kids, keeping their distance.

Bianca and kids, keeping their distance.

We’ve had goats change their attitudes toward us dramatically over their lifetime. Some of our tamest goats were once shy and skittish.

I’m giving Bianca’s kids (both does) to a neighbor who is building up his herd, so I won’t get a chance to tame them myself. ┬áBut that’s OK, as we still have work to do with Bianca.