We’re excited to have our intern Melanie on the farm for a couple of weeks.

She comes to us with a passion for farming and good food, and with the benefit of having visited 20 countries over the past two years working on organic farms. She’s teaching us more than we’re teaching her.



I did teach her to drive a tractor.

I did teach her to drive a tractor.

Aside from helping with the summertime work–weeding, harvesting, etc., we’ve been the beneficiaries of Melanie’s amazing cooking skills. Β She’s an artist in the kitchen and her creations are out of this world delicious.



This morning we’ll be offering her delicious vegan muffins (coconut and blackberry) at the farmer’s market.

Melanie is the sister of the also amazing Farmer Khaiti.

She’ll be leaving us next weekend to go spend a week helping our friends at Grace and Main, helping on their urban garden.

We’ll be sorry to lose her.

19 comments on “Melanie

  1. Sue says:

    Some people are just so gifted when it comes to food–whether that be in the growing or the preparing. And then there are the extra special folks like your Melanie that come along and are just amazing people. You guys are lucky to have someone like that step into your lives.
    Have a wonderful weekend


  2. BeeHappee says:

    Yipee!!!!!!!! So cool! I read both Melanie’s and Khaiti’s blogs and adventures, and they sound like absolutely incredible young ladies. Enjoy the company, you are all so lucky. πŸ™‚

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  3. Bill, it’s always nice to have a helpful hand around the homestead, don’t you think. Especially one that has been in so many places and seen so many different ways of growing methods. Ha, did she have any experience with deer control? If Melanie doesn’t mind you sharing, what will be her end goal from all this traveling and working in agriculture all across the world? I think it’s fascinating for a young person to want to do such a thing. Is she from the United States? I bet she is quite interesting to have conversations with.

    Have a great Intern day at the farmer’s market.


  4. ain't for city gals says:

    Melanie looks like she is about 12 years old….how could she have possibly done all those things already! Good for her and lucky for you ….another benefit of the growing food journey.


  5. How wonderful to have Melanie visit and help even if just for a short while.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    πŸ™‚ Mandy xo


  6. says:

    Let’s hear it for young farmers! Yay!!! Maine is blessed to have many, many young people who are farmers. We need them.

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    • Bill says:

      I’m encouraged by people like Melanie and Khaiti. Here the farmer population is aging and usually not replaced by younger farmers. It’s great to see that dynamic changing in places.

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  7. farmerkhaiti says:

    Makes my heart so happy to see these pictures and to know Mel is so appreciated, you two are so wonderful!!! Thank you for taking good care of my sister!! Can’t wait to hear all about it from her, and see her bloom into her new future as a farmer!


  8. Leslie McConachie Miami, Fl says:

    Lovely post. Glad to hear about the young generation committed to this cause and way of life. It’s so great to learn from one another.


  9. What a lovely plate of food & the temporary addition of Melanie – Boy, I’m really behind on your blog and have some catching up to do πŸ™‚


  10. Ooops – Forgot to mention one thing – I do have a food photography site where people can upload their food-related photos – You might want to consider submitting some of your gorgeous pics – Just head over to, create a username/password and you’re good to go!


    • Bill says:

      Good to hear from you again! I changed computers earlier this year and lost all my cookies and “favorites” in the process, so I haven’t visited your blog in a long time. I have catching up to do as well!


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