We’re excited to have our intern Melanie on the farm for a couple of weeks.

She comes to us with a passion for farming and good food, and with the benefit of having visited 20 countries over the past two years working on organic farms. She’s teaching us more than we’re teaching her.



I did teach her to drive a tractor.

I did teach her to drive a tractor.

Aside from helping with the summertime work–weeding, harvesting, etc., we’ve been the beneficiaries of Melanie’s amazing cooking skills. ¬†She’s an artist in the kitchen and her creations are out of this world delicious.



This morning we’ll be offering her delicious vegan muffins (coconut and blackberry) at the farmer’s market.

Melanie is the sister of the also amazing Farmer Khaiti.

She’ll be leaving us next weekend to go spend a week helping our friends at Grace and Main, helping on their urban garden.

We’ll be sorry to lose her.