Worth It

I spent much of yesterday pulling weeds in the heat and humidity. It seems impossible to keep up this time of year and I could easily bemoan that, as I so often do.

But even as weeds and wildlife overrun some of our crops, we’re bringing in abundant harvests that keep our tables full at the market and our coffers stocked generously for the winter. And we’re eating like homesteader royalty.

Last night Cherie made a vegetarian cabbage lasagna, using the last of this years cabbage along with the squash and zucchini that’s coming in now. It was amazing. And it wasn’t really a special treat. Fortunately for us it was just a typical everyday kind of meal, the kind that happens when you grow your own food.

So no doubt today will find me again sweating in gardens, doing my best to defeat all the forces that want to claim the gardens for themselves. And when I take my meal breaks, I’ll be reminded of why it’s worth the effort.