As we’re preparing to leave today for our annual weekend away at the Wild Goose Festival (the only time we’re off the farm for a weekend all year), I’m thinking of how stationary we are compared to how I lived before we took up this life.

These days, even a few days at a campground a few hours away is a very major break in routine.  But it wasn’t that long ago that I commuted twice weekly, 700 miles each way. And my law practice also required me to spend a lot of time on airplanes, in hotel rooms and rental cars. Sadly, because I was a workaholic maniac I often didn’t make time for much sightseeing or relaxation. I just got the job done and raced to the airport to get to the next place.

I did pile up a lot of frequent flyer miles and Amex points that way though. So when it came time for our family vacations we usually didn’t have to worry about airline tickets. The whole family flew long distances for much-needed vacations using frequent flyer awards.  Because it cost us nothing to get there (if we can say that the miserable life that produced those awards is “nothing”), our vacations were less expensive than if we’d gone to Disney.

The vacations were nice breaks and they helped me stay sane. But the business traveling really stunk. For folks who haven’t lived that kind of lifestyle, the traveling may sound fun or exciting. (It did to me before I lived it.) For those who have, it will bring to mind a great collection of miseries. Hopefully most people have a balance–occasional travel, in manageable bites.

When we stepped away from that world we left all that traveling behind. I’ve been on an airplane once in the last four years, and that was when Cherie had to attend a business dinner in Orlando.  We were back home less than 24 hours after we left.

I’ve heard lots of people say they want to travel when they retire. Travel is enriching and can be an enjoyable part of retirement I suppose. But if they say that to me I laugh and say I’m done with that. I’m ready to stay home a while.

But maybe we’re not entirely done traveling. For a while now Cherie has been thinking about us getting a travel trailer and setting off across the country for a year. That didn’t sound very attractive to me at first but I’m warming up to the idea. It’s not chiseled in stone, but for now we’re tentatively planning to take a year off, four or five years from now, and wander around North America.

In the meantime, I’ll keep traveling around White Flint Farm, mostly by foot.

No blog posts till Monday. Have a great weekend all!