Cooling Off

Fun with a garden hose on a hot day.







14 comments on “Cooling Off

  1. Sue says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting in on that fun! They look so happy! I just love seeing well cared for animals. Enjoy the day


    • Bill says:

      Thanks Sue. They love playing in water. I’ve just come in from checking on them and was tempted to take more pictures of them wallowing and playing…


  2. shoreacres says:

    There have been a few days of late when I wouldn’t have minded being right there with the pigs. It is blessed hot here now, and despite all the rain we had, we could use another inch for the crops.

    My pick-it farm is done for the year. There may still be some figs this week, but the tomatoes turned pear-shaped and split because of the inches of rain (they were near the end anyway). I went out Sunday after I got home from the coast, and found that the Picking Rule of the Day was: You pick it, it’s yours. All free, except the figs. I thought very, very briefly about canning tomatoes, but I didn’t have any jars, or any big pots for a water bath, or….or….

    What I did discover was the best crop of bugs I’ve ever seen, crawling over those rotting crops. There had to be two dozen different kinds, living the bug equivalent of the high life. It was fun — especially seeing the larvae that I don’t usually get to see.


    • Bill says:

      We’re having some very difficult challenges this summer–grass has overrun a couple of the gardens and deer have ruined the vast majority of our tomato crop. The harlequin bugs have arrived in force to finish off our brassicas, but they were mostly done anyway. We’ve had a surge of Japanese beetles this year after not seeing them for several years, and they’re feasting on our beans. It’s always something.

      I know farmers/market gardeners who don’t bother with summer crops anymore. Between the weeds, the bugs, the heat and the fact that the market gets saturated with gardeners selling cheap tomatoes, sweet corn and watermelons, they just concluded it wasn’t worth the effort, so they sell spring and fall crops only. I’m not ready to do that yet, but I admit that it’s tempting.

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      • Seeking Joyful Simplicity says:

        Forrest Green Farm (in Louisa county) where I am currently taking a class, is a family run farm that offers a winter CSA. They sell a few things in the summer (mostly pasture meats and herbs), they teach classes in the summer, but the bulk of their year is the winter CSA. Amazing green houses with wood stoves for heating.

        Just putting that out there for ya…

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  3. avwalters says:

    Happy as a pig in …


    • Bill says:

      They are very happy in mud. I’ve just come in from the pasture and they were wallowing in a mudhole when I left them. Interestingly, there is a popular expression that begins with the words in you comment, that is false. They don’t wallow in their own waste and unlike horses, goats and chickens (to use examples I know best) they are careful not to poop where they sleep or rest.

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  4. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, there’s nothing happier than a pig in a waller hole. Some times I think we humans should take some lessons from the animals in creation. They are just being the best, in this case, pigs that they came be. They don’t care what other pigs think about them. They are the messiest nosiest eaters but they really enjoy eating. I’m not saying we should act like them but enjoying life that God has given to us seems to have been lost some where in must have goals and productivity of society. I found that returning to the basics of life has raised the level of enjoyment and contentment tremendously. Listening to a bird sing or watching pigs play in the mud can be such a refreshing moment in the activity of the day. Unfortunately, the world turns on supporting the economy and being more productive than last year. For me I’ve come to the conclusion that productivity and stuff are not the meaning of life.

    Have a great pig enjoying day.


    • Bill says:

      Well said Dave and I’m in full agreement. I’m encouraged that more and more people are waking up to those truths. I hope so at least.


  5. says:

    Great pictures!


    • Bill says:

      Thanks Laurie. I love watching them play. It’s hard to get any good candid shots of them because when they see me they stop what they’re doing and come crowd around me, hoping I brought them something to eat. 🙂


  6. daphnegould says:

    That really puts a smile on my face. They remind me of kids playing in a sprinkler on a hot day.


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