Approaching the Finish Line

My Organic Wesley book and video projects are coming along nicely. With the book, we’re in an advanced stage of the copy editing. Seeing the manuscript start to look like an actual book is gratifying, and, strangely, a bit unsettling. And a few days ago I saw the rough cuts of the videos for the first time. Despite my misgivings, they actually came out pretty well.

The publisher hasn’t given me a release date and of course there is still a lot to be done. In addition to finishing the book’s editing process and doing the final production on the videos, a cover design hasn’t been done yet, and if there is going to be a foreward, that still needs to be worked out. But the finish line is fast approaching. And then comes the ultimate question–will anyone read it?

Some will, I’m sure. But of course I know there aren’t a huge number of people likely to have an interest in both John Wesley and the food movement. Among those who do, my hope is that they’ll find merit in the work.

We’ll see.