PIPE dream

Not a Pipe

For a while now, whenever I started fretting about something not going exactly right on the farm, or if I started to get anxious about the amount of work to be done, Cherie would gently say, “Remember, all we’re trying to do is grow our own food and pay our bills.”

Over time that become a sort of motto for us: Grow our Food, Pay our Bills.

The point being that our objectives here are modest. We’re not out to achieve anything grand. As long as we grow our own food and keep our bills paid, we’re successful.

Eventually two more things were added to the “mission statement”: Educate the Public, Enjoy Life. It evolved into the acronym GPEE, which we chose to pronounce “GEEP.” Whenever one of us said something that suggested we were worrying about something too much, the other would respond, “Geep.”

But lately Cherie has come up with a better acronym.  She rearranged the four elements of our mission statement/motto into:

Produce our own food
Inform the public
Pay our bills
Enjoy Life


And we call living this way our PIPE dream.