Privileged Moments

“I recently spent the evening with friends on this enchanting bayou. The entire experience was a reminder that time is fleeting, that people enter and depart one’s life as inconspicuously as the bayou ebbs and flows against the shore. Normally, I’m one of those people who is unaware of life while I’m living it. Does this unawareness mean that I am not completely alive in the moment, and thus missing some part of the experience?

Or does it mean the opposite – that I am unaware of it precisely because I exist fully in the moment?

I can never tell because sometimes when I am aware of how privileged a moment is, it becomes tinged with sadness because I know that it will end. And other times I am unaware of a perfect moment until I am looking back on it and wondering if I savored it enough while it was happening.

I suppose, like anything else in life, awareness is bittersweet. As the evening unfolded, friends told me that they were moving away. I was made aware that this may be the last time I ever saw them, so I was able to appreciate the moment. Yet, I knew the evening was finite, so my appreciation was shrouded in regret.

Everything is finite. Except maybe sometimes it’s not.”

Stacy Allbritton

These beautiful sentences are taken from a post featuring equally beautiful photos from Louisiana’s Bayou DeSiard. Go check it out HERE.