A Happy Ending, Twice

Yesterday afternoon I was clearing the fence line in a distant part of the pasture when I discovered a fawn tangled in the fence.


The poor thing was panicked and crying for her mother, who was trotting around nervously nearby.  I expect it was my presence that had caused her to run into the fence.

After I calmed her down, I was able to untangle her and she seemed no worse for the wear.  She agreed to a selfie before dashing off into the woods to find her mother.


Feeling pleased about the happy ending, I continued on weedeating along the fence line. I could hardly believe it when, about 100 yards away and on a different section of the fence, there she was again.


I suppose it could have been a second fawn, which would also be remarkable.  In any event, I freed her (again), requested and obtained another selfie, and sent her on her way.




Hopefully she’s learned to be careful around the fence.