A Misty Morning




20 comments on “A Misty Morning

  1. Beautiful.
    🙂 Mandy xo


  2. BeeHappee says:

    Oh, I love those misty summer mornings! (even in the cities they are nice, mist-ery). But in the country, you hear cows mooing some place, but you can not see them and wonder is it the ears or eyes tricking you.


  3. Laurie@hinterlands.me says:



  4. dilipnaidu says:

    The beautiful early morning sun brings hope to many for another lovely day!


  5. nebraskadave says:

    Bill, the best thing about a misty morning is the way sound carries. My childhood memories of misty mornings are from fishing trips in Minnesota. Mornings were always my favorite time of the day. The lake would be covered with a misty fog with morning sunrise trying to burn through. The fog would give an eerie quiet and yet the call of the loon would echo across the lake. Those are great memories. Always my favorite people were with me during those times. Dad, uncles, grandfather, and others were among the fishing memory experiences.

    Snow has kind of the same quiet characteristics except for certain sounds. It’s all very mystic and beautiful at the same time. Nature has such soul soothing things to see and hear, don’t you think?

    Have a great early misty morning day.


    • Bill says:

      Those sound like great memories Dave. This summer I’ve been taking notice of how loud the songbirds are early in the morning. Amazing.

      Nature is loud here in the summer. If we go for a walk at night we have to speak up to be heard over the crickets and frogs. But in the winter it’s eerily quiet. If there is snow on the ground the only sound we hear when out for a walk is the sound of the snow crunching beneath our boots.

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  6. Lovely ethereal capture, the second.


  7. shoreacres says:

    And then there’s this: mist means humidity! It was one of the first signs for us that the drought might be well and truly ending. About a year, or a year and a half ago, the first morning mists began to appear, and people smiled and smiled.


  8. Always enjoy the mist and its magical qualities. Unicorns hide out there, you know. Beautiful. –Curt


  9. valbjerke says:

    How’s that calendar coming along 😄


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